Friday, January 20, 2017

hw #4-6 Formalizing Relations and Functions

Hey Folks - As I said, there is a lot of new vocabulary here... you might want to go to our class website and look at the 4-6 videos... READ the textbook... it will reinforce EVERYTHING we did today in class.

hw #4-6 pg 271 #1-7 ALL, 9,11,12-15 ALL, 18-21 
HAND-IN #10,19
Calculator ok!!
Don't be fooled by g(x) and h(x)... that's just another way to say "function of x"... it's just two more versions of f(x)
f(x) is read as "f of x"
g(x) is read as "g of x"
h(x) is read as "h of x"

hw #5-7C Complete the Star Wars Handout

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

hw #5-7B Scatter Plots and more...

hw #5-7B Scatter Plots and more...
Due Fri Jan 20(B); Mon Jan 23(A)

Note: for our purposes, any references to "line of best fit" and "trend line" mean the same thing
1) Complete the "IPhone Opening Weekend Sales" problem (handout) - write a linear equation for your trend line in slope-intercept form using the technique demonstrated in class
2) Complete the "Shake it Up..." problem (flip side of handout) - write a linear equation for your trend line in slope-intercept form using the technique demonstrated in class
Challenge!! Convert both equations above to Standard Form with integer coefficients

Suggestion: Visit MathChamber Academy Unit 5 and watch the 5-5 videos and the Khan video.

pg 334 #20,21,22,24
When finished with each of the above, write each equation in standard form using integer coefficients.

Friday, January 13, 2017

hw #5-7 Scatterplots and Linear Review

hw #5-7 Scatterplots and Linear Review
Due Weds Jan 18 (B); Thurs Jan 19 (A)

pg 355 #18-31 Solve algebraically and verify visually with graphs/sketches as we have demonstrated in class. Always feel free to check your work in desmos as well. You should be a point-slope guru by the end of this lesson. There is one more problem below... it will be your HAND-IN!

Read pg 336 to understand positive, negative and "no" correlation situations. See the example on pg 337 and also read about extrapolation and interpolation. We will discuss these concepts in our next class.

Watch this video and extend the problem:
Make a copy of the graph on this video and plot all of the data points, and draw a trend line. THEN (as we did in class) select two points on your trend line (remember, they do not have to be data points) and proceed to write an equation in slope-intercept form. In order to do this, you will need to find the slope of the line and then use point-slope form. This is your HAND-IN assignment.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

hw #5-6 Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

hw #5-6 Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
Due Friday Jan 13(B), Tues Jan 17(A)
pg #333-335
#1-4 ALL, #7,9,13,15,19,23
HAND-IN #20 Solve Algebraically (i.e. using point-slope form)

Monday, January 9, 2017

hw #5-5Q Review for Quiz

hw #5-5Q Review for Quiz
Due Weds(B), Tues (A)
Quiz on Weds/Thurs 5-1 thru 5-5 excluding 5-2 (Direct Variation)

Complete Problem Set 5B
... also pg 326 #23-30 ALL

HAND-IN Problem Set 5A!! (the homework packet that was due today!) - Should require no extra work, right??

Saturday, January 7, 2017

hw #5-5 Standard Form of a Linear Equation

hw #5-5 Standard Form of a Linear Equation
due Monday Jan 9(B); Tuesday Jan 10(A)

Complete the RELATE-DEFINE-WRITE handout from class as a"HAND-IN"

Complete Problem Set 5A

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

hw #5-4 Point-Slope Form

hw #5-4 Point-Slope Form
Due Thurs Jan 5(B); Fri Jan 6(A)
pg 318-19
#1-5 ALL, #9-19 ODD

pg 318-19
#12, 20

... and click here to watch a video on RELATE-DEFINE-WRITE