Tuesday, September 6, 2016

hw #1-1 & #1-2 Words Matter!!

hw #1-1
pg 7 #1-8 ALL, #9-23 ODD, 33

hw #1-2 
pg 13 #1-8 ALL #9-21 ODD ... HAND IN #20, 22


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    1. Well... just sitting here by my lonely computer hoping that a student will ask a question from today's lesson... woe is me...

  2. Ok so I was confused on page 7 #6. I had put 'The product of 3 and a number t subtracted by 4. It said the answer was '4 less than the product of 3 and a number t.' Is my answer correct if not what did I do wrong.
    Ann Onymous

    1. Actually both answers are correct... there typically are a number of ways to translate an algebraic sentence... I prefer the text book's response simply because saying some is "less than" or "more than" some value is typically the way we humans talk.

      Thanks for asking, Ann... good question!

    2. Thanks Mr. C for your help. My twin Caitlin will see you in class.

  3. Mr. C, can you review how to use a line number directionally and symmetrically and how to use a line as a difference maker. Thank you, Ethan.