Saturday, October 29, 2016

hw #3-1 & #3-2 Happy Halloween!!

hw #3-1 Due Monday, Oct 31(A) & Tuesday, Nov 1(B)
Watch the three "English" Pearson Videos
... and do the Section 3-1 "Lesson Check" in the text book
For optional fun, take the 3-1 Lesson Quiz

hw #3-2 Due Monday, Oct 31(A) & Tuesday, Nov 1(B)
Watch these the two "English" Pearson Videos
... and do the Section 3-2 "Lesson Check" in the text book
For optional fun, take the 3-2 Lesson Quiz

pg 167 #3 (draw the number line graph)
pg 174 #3 (solve and graph)


  1. HappyHalloween(#UnoriginalUsernames)October 30, 2016 at 3:51 PM

    Do we have to take notes on the 6 videos?

    1. Dear HHUU...Sounds like a reasonable idea, but I won't mandate it... the nice thing about videos is that you can always re-watch them.

      If you do the example problem as they go along, it will certainly help you retain the info... Mr. C.

  2. Mr. C for question 4. on the lesson check for 3-2 the question is -3x >= 9. I personally got x >= -3 however in the book they wrote the answer on the graph as x <= -3. Would I be correct or did I miss something in the videos?

    1. Are you sure that is the right question? The 3-2 lesson check is on page 174. Question 4 is 4+c>7. At least, that is the one that I did...

    2. Dear Nightowl,

      You did the 3-3 Lesson Check... something interesting happens between 3-2 and 3-3 (right at midnight!)... good thing that you owl's have great night-vision... this will be a tough one to see.

      So get back to 3-2 and have a good night!

  3. I had A teacher named Ms. Novak. She was my first grade teacher and taught me about inequalities. We learned to imagine the sign as alligators, who wanted to eat the bigger number. Looking back at it, it was a lot easier that I thought (at least compared to this(which is also simple)).

    1. I like Ms. Novak... anyone that teaches inequalities in the first grade is my hero!!

  4. Just curious: Let's say that we're graphing y<-12. Can we graph that as y is < or = -13?