Monday, October 31, 2016

hw #3-1B, #3-2B, #3-3 Oh POI, what a day!!

hw #3-1B Due Weds Nov 2(A); Thurs Nov 3(B)
pg 168 # 13,15,21,23,29,30 DRAW THE GRAPHS!!

hw #3-2 Due Weds Nov 2(A); Thurs Nov 3(B)
pg 174 #9,13,17,23

hw #3-3 Due Weds Nov 2(A); Thurs Nov 3(B)
pg 181 #1-6 ALL, 7,13,21,23,25,27

HAND-IN #3-3 
pg 181 #18, 30 Solve, Graph and Show the 3-way check


  1. AStudentThatWantsToBeAnonymousButDoesntWantABoringNameLikeAllTheOtherAnonsNovember 1, 2016 at 5:18 PM

    Just wondering... at #15, page 168, the problem is (6-n)/n(insert greater than or equal to symbol here)11. I'm unsure what the first step in using POI here would be. Someone, please help???

    1. Mr. C
      I am also stumped on this problem.

      Trumposaurus Rex(Build a massive wall)

    2. I think you start with Multiplying both sides by n/1 to get rid of the fraction then u will get: 6-n_< 11n. Then you're on the algebra rollercoaster YAY. You add n to both sides and do all that Algebra stuff. I got the answer 1/2>_ n. I Think...

    3. Just straightjaw a line and that fractions ALIVE... take it from me, Fraction Jackson... you youngun's and shorties can write 11 as a fraction, right?? 11/1... watcha gotsk now a fraction undeniable... altogether (as Mr. C. would say) you now have a proportion... CPP should do the trick...

  2. Whoever I want to beNovember 1, 2016 at 8:39 PM

    Number 13 on page 168 is 8m-6<=10 I got to the last step 8m<=16. My next step is to divide by 8. When I do that I think that the inequality symbol does flip around right?

    1. Dear Flipper... The symbol only reverses when you multiply or divide by a NEGATIVE NUMBER... when did 8 become a negative number... it's to the right of zero, yes?