Wednesday, November 2, 2016

hw #3-4 Solve BIG; Learn NOTHING

Due Fri Nov 4(A)/Mon Nov 7(B)
pg 189-190 #1-8, #13,21,27,31,33
pg 193 (Mid-Chapter Quiz) #1-23 ODD
pg 155-156 #49,51,54

HAND IN pg 189 #15 TRY to do a relate define write... in other words a full documented solution... just do the best you can to describe your solution to the "reader" (no big narrative required, just clean diagrams, definitions, with a nicely written and solved inequality... feel free to spread out and use a FULL PAGE for this.. do the next problem on the back side
HAND IN pg 189 #20


  1. Do we have to graph the inequalities and do 3 way checks for problems 1-4 on page 189?

    1. I suppose you always have the option at this point. On HAND-IN problems, I definitely want the FULL JOB done.

      For the future, I would only check your answers on problems that you want to get right. If you're happy with occasional errors that would otherwise be found and corrected through routine checking, that's fine by me. I'm just here to record results in the gradebook... 100, 80, 60, whatever... makes no diff to me.

      Seriously, you should try to make the graph and the 3-way check as painless as possible. As I think I have demonstrated in class, there is no need to label 20 scale marks on every graph you make. Likewise, I think I have demonstrated strategies where you can reduce the time you spend on 3-way checks.

      Thanks for the question!

  2. okay thanks Mr.C!

  3. Mr. C,

    When I do problem 20 for the hand in, (-4 or= 2 after rewriting it from 2 <or= y. After doing the 3 way check, it shows that the answer should be y <or= 2. What did I do wrong?

    1. Sorry, blogger glitched twice now. The original problem is -4 is less than or equal to 4(6y-12)-2y. My answer was y is greater than or equal to 2(finish in original answer).

    2. Dear Wrong-Way Dan-tay,

      Your solution appears correct... so it looks like you made an error in your 3-way check... check again!!

      When I plug-in zero for y, I get a FALSE statement, which is what I would expect based on a solution of y>=2.

      When I plug-in 2 for y, I get a true equation statement, which is what I would expect based on a solution of y>=2.

      When I plug-in 4 for y, I get a TRUE statement, which is what I would expect based on a solution of y>=2.

      As Fleetwood Mac said, you can go your own way, Dan-tay!

  4. There is no #15 or #20 on pg 189. Did you mean pg 190?

    1. Yes... but you also received an email quite a while ago about not having to do #15...