Monday, November 21, 2016

hw #3-R1 Chapter 3 Review

hw #3-R1 Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Test will be Friday Dec 2nd(A) and Monday Dec 5th(B)
due Monday 11/28(A); Tuesday 11/29(B)
pg 222-226 
#1-5 ALL, #6-36 Multiples of 3 (i.e. 6,9,12,...,36), 
HAND-IN #51,55


  1. I dont understand how to do #41. It says, "Suppose U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} and B={2,4,6,8}. What is B?" I started to list the subsets, in single-{2}, {4}, etc., and double-{4,6}, {6,8}etc. but I dont know if I am doing it correctly/how to do it.

    1. Set B resides within the Universal Set U. B' (read as B complement) is simply the set of elements that, when combined with set B, make up the universal set.

      So, we simply compare Set B with the Universal Set and find any elements that aren't in Set B.

      So, B' = {1,3,5,7}

      The UNION of Set B & and Set B' is the Universal Set.