Wednesday, November 30, 2016

hw #3-R3 Prepare for Chapter 3 Test

Chapter 3 Test Friday 12/2(B)/Monday 12/5(A)

NO HAND-IN!! (Next time, ok?)

Chapter 3 Practice Packet
3-1 #3,8,17
3-3 #12
3-4 #8,15
3-5 #3,15,32
3-6 #8,11,18
3-7 #19,20,28
3-8 #1,5,9,18,19


  1. I have another question for you on the homework, but there is no blog post so once again I am writing you an email. For problem 11 in section 3-6, I get the problem down to 4 ≤ y+2 ≤ 3y+30. After this, I subtract 3y from all sides, and get
    3y+4 ≤ 4y+2 ≤ 30. After this, I get lost. Did I mess up with my math before I got to 4 ≤ y+2 ≤ 3y+30, or am I just over thinking it?

    1. When you have a 3-way "tweener" with the variable on more than just one side, you will have to split it into TWO SEPARATE INEQUALITIES in order to solve it.

      4 ≤ y+2 AND y+2 ≤ 3y+30

      Solve the separately, and you'll be all set.


    2. Shouldn't it be -3y+30? Because you would be distributing -3 to y which would mak3 it -3y. Therefore, you should be adding 3y not subtracting 3y

    3. You are correct, Sparkle... my answer still stands... I wasn't even looking at his/her math, I was just saying that the approach should be to split the compound inequality into two separate inequalities and then solve.

  2. fyi.. I won't be around much tonight, so if you have questions, hopefully some of you can answer for each other...

  3. The homework that is stated above, will problems like those be on the TEST?

  4. I looked on math chamber. I can't see any videos of the set builder notation. And I don't understand it at all. Do you have a video

    1. Set-builder Notation has been explained many times in class.

      You were given a handout/study guide that describes it in detail.

      There are several practical examples of using set-builder notation in a few of my MathChamber Academy videos, such as;

      Set-builder notation has probably been demonstrated every day in class for the last 3 weeks.

      I have been available for extra help almost every morning and the last two full afternoons after school.

      And you choose to ask this question the night before the test?

  5. i just want to make sure i have this correct. would [25, 50) be 25<_x<50 (this is problem 3-6 #18)