Thursday, November 10, 2016

hw #3Q Prep for the Chapter 3 Quiz and Chap 1-2 Booster

hw #3Q Prep for the Chapter 3 Quiz and Chap 1-2 Booster
Chapter 3-1 thru 3-4 Quiz
This is ALL optional homework; EXCEPT for the following HAND-ID
assignment due on Tues(A)-Weds(B) Nov 15-16
HAND-IN  from Chapter 2 & 3 Practice Packet 
Section 2-4 #33
Section 2-6 #29
Section 3-4 #12, 19

Do not hand-in Section 3-4 #25 but it would be an
interesting problem for you to explore and answer

Just a reminder that section #3-5 Working With Sets will NOT be on the quiz 

You should be doing:
Various problems in the Chapter 3 Mid-Chapter Quiz in the text book
Partial video answer key in MathChamber Academy

Various problems in the Chapter 1 thur 3 Practice Packets
Answer key emailed to you
AND/ORVarious problems in the Chapter 1 & 2 Review in the textbook
Answers in the back of the book


  1. Mr. C, I was working on a few of the problems in the chapter 3 packet and I came up to this problem, 15(j-3)+3j<45 I was confused what the answer would be.

    1. a) You are asking the local and worldwide community of algebra students about this question... no need to address it to me
      b) I need for you to speculate and share at least one possible first step... OR TWO! I think you can do this!

      I'll give one opinion... I'll bet most of you distributed and then combined like terms... ok, a nice enough first move.

      I'll ask you to try this problem another way... a cute little DIV POE by dividing both sides by three as a FIRST STEP... please reply to this comment with your glee and surprise at the results!

  2. Anyone while in class when we were learning about set builder notation the time we had to learn about it was brief and I did not really understand it. Can someone explain it or tell me about a video I can watch.

    1. a) Section 3-5 will not be on any of our assessments on Tues/Weds
      b) We will be continuing with this discussion in our next class (Thurs/Fri)
      c) I'll likely make a video or two
      d) If this is your only question, are you telling me that you are rock solid 100% on everything in Chaps 1 & 2 AND 3-1 thru 3-4??

      I just emailed a pdf practice problem set for Chaps 1 & 2... I would think your time is better spent there...

      All that said, if you really want to immerse yourself... try this...

  3. for bday is this assignment due monday or is it monday's assignment due wednesday?

    1. Yup... this is due Wednesday for B-day...

    2. Since the complaints seem to continue, I re-checked the email and the post above... I think it is very clear as to what is due when, per A- and B-day.

      FYI, there are students on this planet that like to have assignments in advance, especially in advance of a test, so that they can budget their time and get in an appropriate amount of practice.

      Can someone (keep it anonymous, please) back me up here? Is the assignment above really that confusing, or did you appreciate having the assignment in advance?

  4. this is just a suggestion...but maybe you could send the a day and b day kids emails separatly. I was talking to my classmates and all of us were confused on what's due when. We agreed that it would be a lot more understandable if we received the email on the day we have class.

    1. I think that would help too^

    2. I honestly have no idea what you are confused about... the only thing I can think of to clarify is for you to read the post heading above... which is exactly what was emailed to you.... the only additional item was the chap 1-2 booster prep PDF which was clearly stated to be an optional assignment for anyone that desired extra practice... so lmk where you are confused and I'll try to help...

  5. For the hand-in on pg 198, problem 42 which is -2(3x+7)>=-14-6 I got x <= x. I was confused on how to do that in Set Builder Notation. I know that x can equal x, but I do not know how x can be less than x. However, for Set Builder Notation I wrote it down as {x|x<=x]. My friend and my brother said that it was ARS. It just doesn't make sense though, especially since x cannot be less than x although it is equal to x. So how could it be all real solutions?

    1. Oops that was for the other hw on the previous blog post sorry

    2. I really only have ONE question... is your friend and your brother one person, or two??

      The problem that you mis-typed is:
      -6x-14 >= -14-6x

      As Diana Ross and the Supremes taught us, we can STOP right here in the name of LOVING MATH!

      When is -6x-14 going to be greater than or equal to -14-6x?


      It will never be greater but it will always be equal, hence your answer us ALL REAL NUMBERS

      In set-builder notation (which we will cover more later in the week and you are not responsible for for this quiz, you would write
      X = { x | x is any real number }

      All I would expect from you on the quiz is "All Real Numbers"

      Goodnight... to all three of you!!

  6. I have a question that I think I already know the answer to: Do we flip the sign while working with equalities if we are distributing with a negative number?

    1. When you distribute you are not operating on both sides... so no flip...

  7. Hello everyone,
    I was having trouble turning this in set builder notation.
    P is the set of natural numbers that are factors of 25.

    My answer: {P⊆N|P is a factor of 25}
    My question: Is there a way to turn the "is a factor of" into a symbol?

    Trumposaurus Rex(I won the Election!!!!!)

    1. Since this is a short list... roster form would work just fine and dandy! You can use roster form within set builder notation ...

  8. Jack The Rooster (AKA Chris)November 16, 2016 at 9:27 AM

    I was looking at the compound inequality videos and a sudden thought occurred: What if you are using three inequalities, not 2?